Photo: Marc Valenciano, 2015


E mu tutuknangan ing buri mung gawan (Don’t stop on what you are passionate about) as Harvey San Miguel always reminds his audiences whenever he is invited as a resource speaker in numerous events around the country.

As Plato says, “Art imitates life” – Harvey’s inspirations for his artworks is all about everything that surrounds him. Growing up in an agricultural community, his artworks reflect the daily lives of his fellow Magaleños. Harvey is well-known for his Cubism-Style Paintings. He’s profound in using oil and acrylic as a medium to give life to the colorful culture of the Magalang.

With the society’s misconception about art, Harvey’s concept of “starving artist” is far different from what the community perceives. He believes that artists do not starve for food, as people put it “alang pera ken (It’s not profitable) but artists starve for ideas and inspiration to express themselves.

He pursued this career in arts following his late mother’s final words. – “samasan mu ing pamagaral mu (study diligently). From there on, he said to himself “panusignan ke ing buri kung gawan (I’ll be dedicated in my chosen endeavor). He reflected and saw what he really wants to do, where he is good at, and on what field he will excel. With the inspiration from his mother. Harvey graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts major in advertising at Tarlac State University. During his academic endeavors, Harvey participated in different art competitions such as Lathala: Literary and Art Competition – Painting Category, to name one. He won “Hindi lahat ng nakikita mo ay totoo”, 2015 (3rd Place), “Larawan”, 2017 (3rd Place), and “Tubig”, 2019 (2nd Place). Winning those competitions, he became more inspired to strive in giving his best in every artwork he produces.

Harvey is active in community development by facilitating numerous seminar and art workshop around the province of Pampanga. For his alma mater, Dolores National High School in Magalang, Pampanga, he became their resource speaker for campus journalism – editorial cartooning for three consecutive years (2016-2018). He felt a sense of fulfillment because he was able to give back to the institution where he started. Mabalacat City College KABIASNAN: Learned and Luminaries for their Institute of Arts and Sciences Days (2017), City Government of San Fernando, Pampanga for Kaganapan City Fair Art Workshop (2017), University of the Assumptions, for their celebration of National Arts Month entitled: Art in the Library (2018, 2019).  His latest effort in sharing his talent was at the Local Government Unit of Santiago City in Isabela. They trusted him to share his expertise for their seminar workshop entitled: MAKING MUSEUM: A Seminar and Workshop about the Importance and Establishment of Museum, and Gallery Exhibition. He talked about the proper exhibition of collections in a gallery. It was conducted at the City Hall Lobby wherein it was participated by barangay focal persons on Tourism and Culture and the Arts.

Harvey was also invited as a judge in different competition. To name a few, Nobles International School for International Day – Art Competition (2017), City of San Fernando, Pampanga for Giant Lantern Festival: Intern-Government Agency Lantern Parade Competition (2017). Pampanga State Agricultural University for Buwan ng Wika Celebration On-the-spot Painting Competition (2018), Magalang and Arayat for ESP Festival of Talents and Virtues of Cluster I (2019), and University of the Philippines UP Furture Library and Informationb Professiohnal of the Philippines in parthership with City College of Angeles for LibSpeak: Connecting the Gap (2017), UP Union of Journalists of the Philippines for Break Free Art Competition and Exhibit (2022)

Harvey also participated in numerous art exhibitions together with different known artist. Misasanmetung Art and Craft Exhibition at Museo ning Angeles (2015) was one of the first exhibitions that Harvey collaborated with. The Euphony of Movement and Beauty a Visual Art Exhibition at Museum of Philippine Social History (2015). The 2nd Baguio Museum Art Festival (2016) at Baguio Museum became the channel to showcase a Magaleño talent up north. Lingap ng Ina: An Art Exhibition in partnership with Radio Maria at Museo ng Probinsya ng Tarlac (2016) and Salagian Group Art Exhibition at Clark Museum (2018).

He had visited different cities and provinces, and noticed that in those places the visual art scene is very active. Then, he thought to himself, why does my hometown don’t have such? No art group, no art exhibitions, no art workshops. Again, juggling between his studies and his career as an artist, Harvey was inspired to organize an organization for the young artist of Magalang. Kalalangan Magalang that was founded in 2017 was Harvey San Miguel’s passion project for his hometown Magalang. The organization is the first group for different artist in every field or discipline in Magalang to discover, enhance, and promote the artistry and creativity of the Magaleños.

Kalalangan Magalang’s vision is to be the forefront organization in promoting the different artists of Magalang. The organization serves as a group for Magalang artists to share their talents and as well as their insight in a form of creative disscussions. Aside from this, the founder, Harvey San Miguel’s mission is to promote the art of Magalang through the organization.

SALA NING LUBENAS: A Visual Art Exhibition (2019) is the first art exhibit at the Municipality of Magalang, event by Kalalangan Magalang. With this exhibit organized by the founder Harvey San Miguel, the event was able to unearth the hidden talents of Magalang and showcase the history of Lubenas that some may not be aware of.

As a son of Nelson Pangilinan San Miguel of Sto. Rosario (Tinabang), Magalang and Nimfa Gaddi Mañalac of San Agustin (Dapa), Magalang. Harvey San Miguel, born and raised in Magalang Pampanga. A Full blooded and proud Magaleño that creates art not for himself, not for the profit but to inspire others to go further on the different field of arts.